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We are excited to be open and welcome our patients back, as we meet and exceed all CDC, OSHA, and NYDOH guidelines.

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Patient Reviews


Dr. Muhammad and her staff are so professional and attentive. Scheduling my appointment was very easy, and they made sure I was fully aware of all payment details. I went in for a cleaning, but realized I needed additional procedures, and they fit me in the next day. They were right on schedule for both appointments and had me in and out very quickly.

- Ashley M.

This was my first visit to Brooklyn Park Dental. I was thrilled with the service I received there. Both Dr. Lee and the hygienist Jill put me at ease right away. My teeth and gums were thoroughly checked out and the cleaning was remarkably painless. This is my new favorite dental practice!

- Camille M.

So happy I was able to get an appointment for an emergency broken tooth while working in Brooklyn. The staff was friendly, helpful, and professional!! Only wish they were my primary dentist back in MA!! Thank You.

- Chad L.

I had a good experience with Dr Muhammad and her staff they all made me feel comfortable.

- Vernell N.

I always get excellent care at Dr. Muhammad's Office. The staff is very efficient and friendly. The dental care is consistently outstanding.

- Reet L.

The visit was excellent, fast and informative. It was a difficult procedure (for me) but I felt comfortable and confident the whole time.

- Christina C.

Love this office and the staff is attentive, the dentist are thorough and thoughtful.

- Denise K.

Preferred Provider for Invisalign Invisible Aligners 2017

Meet Dr. Siama Muhammad

Siama Muhammad

Dr. Siama Muhammad grew up in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Although she's still a Bostonian at heart, she loves living in Park Slope with her husband and their two wonderful children. She especially enjoys being close to Prospect Park and living in such a friendly and progressive neighborhood.

Dr. Muhammad believes that a life-long commitment to education is the key to providing exceptional dental care. She is a graduate of Boston University Goldman School of Dental Medicine. In addition to completing the 84-hour Comprehensive Implant Continuum Program at Columbia University College of Dental Medicine, she regularly attends training courses in cosmetic dentistry, endodontics (root canals), and general dental care. She is also a member of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI) and the Eco Dentistry Association. Dr. Muhammad is a Spear Study Club leader and is acquiring additional training in full-mouth rehabilitation cases.

Community service has been an important part of Dr. Muhammad's career since she was in dental school, and she has a passion for encouraging people to get involved in their oral health. She loves doing school visits and tables at fairs because they give her a chance to interact with people on a personal level. She genuinely enjoys listening to peoples' dental stories and helping them solve their oral health issues.

When she's not at the office, you'll find Dr. Muhammad hiking, boating, cliff jumping, gardening, traveling, nature-watching, baking, and cooking gourmet meals.

Dr. Muhammad Looks Forward to Meeting You

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Brooklyn Oak Dental Care team

Our amazing staff

About Brooklyn Oak Dental Care

Our Commitment to Eco-Conscious Dentistry

A lot of companies are cashing in on the concept of "going green" these days, but not all of them are stepping up to the challenge. At Brooklyn Oak Dental Care, we know that it's not always easy or convenient to run an environmentally-conscious dental practice, but we think it's more than worth it.

As our population continues to grow and our natural resources diminish at an astounding rate, the little things we do each day start to make a big impact on the present and future of our planet. Likewise, many of the items we use in our houses and businesses contain dangerous chemicals that, when improperly disposed of, contribute to the pollution of our water, land, and air. Once our natural resources are gone, they're gone for good. We're committed to doing whatever we can to ensure a higher quality of life for ourselves and for future generations.

view from our office

View of brownstones from our operatory

How We Keep Our Workplace Environmentally Responsible:

  • Wellness-Based, Conservative Oral Health Care
  • Low-Radiation Digital X-rays
  • Green Building & Interior Design Materials
  • Clean & Safe Office
  • Dental Care

    Conservative Oral Health Care

    We treat all of our patients as individuals and recognize that one size does not fit all when it comes to well-being. Different people have different needs and goals that can be met in a variety of ways, so our mission is to work together and find the best solution for you. We provide a full range of services�including dental implant care and cosmetic dentistry�to help you achieve a smile that's both beautiful and functional.

  • Low Radiation x-rays

    Low-Radiation Digital X-rays

    Not only do digital X-rays emit less radiation than conventional X-rays, but they also don’t require any lengthy chemical processing. The images are available on our computer screen within seconds! Another great benefit of digital X-rays is that if Dr. Muhammad ever needs to refer you to a specialist, she can simply email your X-rays to the specialist’s office. No hassle, no waiting, and no unnecessary paper waste.

  • Dental Care

    Low-VOC Building Materials

    VOCs, or "volatile organic compounds," are gases emitted by a variety of indoor and outdoor materials. Many VOCs have been scientifically proven to have adverse short- and long-term health effects. We painted our walls with zero-VOC paint, built our cabinets with low-VOC materials, and chose flooring with minimal chemical processing.

  • Clean Office

    Clean & Safe Office

    We exceed the ADA and OSHA recommended standards for a clean and safe dental practice. Before your visit, we thoroughly sanitize each treatment room with green cleaning products and disinfect every piece of equipment using steam sterilization technology (no harsh chemicals). We also regularly clean our dental water line.

We Look Forward to Meeting You

View of our office in Spring

View of our office in Spring

How We Cut Down on Our Paper Waste:

  • Our Patient Records Are 100% Digital
  • We Use Recycled Materials Whenever Possible
  • We Use Secure Electronic Billing Methods
  • Our Magazines Are on iPads!

From the paper we choose for our stationery to the disposable products we need to use during your treatments, we do our best to recycle, reduce, and reuse. Even our gloves and masks are wrapped in recycled paper!

How We Reduce Our Energy Consumption:

  • Dry Vacuum System that Saves Water & Uses Less Energy
  • Motion Sensors on Faucets & Lighting
  • Energy-Efficient CFL Bulbs with a Longer Lifespan

We Look Forward to Meeting You

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